Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011
So, I was going to write a little scathing article tonight, but changed my mind.

Every Wednesday, we have two different staff meetings at work. One is an Operations Meeting which is followed by a staff meeting. So, Wednesday is a little later night at work than normal. Just as I was about to head out the door, I received a message that John Canzano had called me an "internet troll and gangster" on his radio program.

Certainly as someone who had a show planned last Friday and those plans were abruptly changed, I would understand frustration. However, I believe Lindsay Schnell referred to Canzano as a "professional." As I understand it, professionals do not take personal shots at people on their radio programs or in print media; it is simply not the right message. Yet, there he was, talking personal shots at me for my role in Lache Seastrunk's cancellation on Friday afternoon.

Yes, I sent the family a message alerting them of Lache's scheduled appearance. To Lache's credit, he did not know much about Canzano; he even referred to him as Joe Canzano! So, after his family called and advised him against appearing, he canceled his appearance. Was this wrong? No, I am not a competitor of Canzano's nor a fan of Canzano, I felt it was in the young man's best interests that he be forewarned about the potential dangers.

Canzano seemingly uses interviews to then be able to say in the future "I have talked with, interviewed (insert player name here)" as a device for feeling justified in any later criticism that actions may warrant. Often, though, Canzano forgets his own stories when trying to tell a new story.

In Canzano's recent criticism of Darron Thomas, Canzano was quick to say "Can't imagine former Ducks quarterback Dennis Dixon riding in a car that was street racing," as if Dennis Dixon is the paragon of true virtue and leadership. Does he not remember his story on Darius Miles? You know, the one where Canzano tried to drag Dennis Dixon's name through the mud. Let me refresh your memory with this quote from the article:

Miles and the members of his entourage, which included former Oregon Ducks quarterback Dennis Dixon, spent the night moving between three stages, removing the bands and tossing the stacks in the air, sending a shower of loose bills fluttering down on the dancers.

“It’s raining!” someone shouted. At one point, a dancer had so many one-dollar bills on the stage around her, she asked a bouncer for a paper sack. Miles also had someone request a song from the DJ, according to a patron. Which is how the University of Oregon fight song ended up being played while women gyrated on stage and Miles threw dollar bills, laughed, pumped his fist and slapped backs with a former Heisman Trophy candidate before disappearing into the VIP room.

So, in one article he's hanging out with Darius Miles, a player Canzano personally tried to "take down" and in the next he is the paragon of virtue Darron should compare himself to? Which is it John, is he a guy hanging out at strip clubs saying "it's raining" while showering dollar bills down on strippers? Or is he the guy Darron Thomas should emulate.

Now, the first question I had when I read that article is, how did John Canzano know where they were? Was he already frequenting the particular establishment? Was he stalking them? Or did he have spies following Miles? But you know, it doesn't really matter. The last time I heard, strip clubs were legal in Oregon and Miles and Dixon were both of legal age when they went there. Nothing untoward happened that we know about, so who really cares?

My personal feelings are that it is this kind of "Harvey Dent-like" (Two Face) personality that made me want to advise Lache Seastrunk's family to be careful about appearing on the show. They read some of Canzano's articles and decided that Lache should avoid speaking with Canzano. That is their right and prerogative. As someone who has spoken with the family on multiple occasions and feels that they should at least know that Lache was scheduled to appear, it was my personal duty of integrity to let them know. After all, his family has ALWAYS had his best interests at heart, Canzano only has the shows best interests at heart. That's fine, that is his job and he should try to get guests on that appeal to a wide audience.

Nonetheless, there are going to be occasions where the naive are later informed of the potential pitfalls of an appearance. No one told Lache not to appear, they gave him more knowledge with which to make the decision; and he made the decision.

Did I have a role in that? Absolutely. And I will not apologize for that role. I am unequivocal in my disdain for the methods with which Canzano treats YOUNG men. If I were Mike Gundy, I would go off on him in a press conference, but I am not Gundy. So, rather than a press conference, I make my mark in other ways.

Apparently, though, Canzano feels as if being outmaneuvered makes it okay for him to stoop to childish name-calling and insults. And, that is fine, he can choose to respond how he sees fit. However, if Canzano wishes to stoop to this level, I think we can take the phrase "professional" out of his description.

The strange part about Canzano's insult, is that he is the one who sought me on facebook; friend requested me, in fact. I did not accept his request, but did, however, communicate with him. I imagine his vision of me was different than reality and he backed off somewhat.

In fact, here is one conversation which we had:

  • Update

    As I know you are concerned with my life away from Duck football, thought I would send you a copy of my thought for the day yesterday: Anger is the most unusual of emotions. I consider anger to be the opposite of love. While many would contend that hatred is the opposite of love, I say that anger leads to hatred, hence it is the anger that lies opposite of love; not hatred. No one has ever hated without an action precipitating anger that later became hatred. A man does not wake and decide he hates another. No, the man who becomes the object of hate must first wrong the man who hates in some manner. When the man is wronged, he will let that anger boil inside. With no outlet for anger, hatred is born. That becomes the outlet for anger; and it is an unhealthy outlet. Aristotle thought of anger as a virtue under the assumption that the anger would create good. The person with whom a man was angry must have been wicked, and our anger will have the reasonable man wish to be more virtuous. This is great in thought, unfortunately, in action, anger can lead to many bad things. On the other side of the fence is the Roman philosopher, Seneca who said in De Ira that a soldier needs to be able to listen to the commands of his superiors. Anger will not listen to the commands of the rational. Anger is irrational.... See More Somewhere in between, there can be some truth to both sides of this argument. Under the bar, when you are pressing more than two times your own bodyweight, you need to channel something more powerful than you have ever experienced. You’ve heard stories of the miraculous heroics. Mothers that lift thousand pound objects long enough to allow their children to escape harm. Where does this power come from? Adrenaline. When our bodies are confronted with danger, it can produce extraordinary chemical responses. One of those responses is the release of adrenaline, a powerful chemical that increases the supply of oxygen and glucose in the blood. As a power-lifter, it sure would be nice to find a way to naturally tap into that resource. Under the bar, preparing to press a weight that should not move takes a tremendous amount of physical and mental coordination. The brain has to tell the muscles what to do; the muscles have to make the movement explosively; neurons must be firing at optimal speeds. The muscles must have been trained for this; there must be proper form. Even if all of this is firing, there is one ingredient missing; adrenaline. When a man is angry, guess what his body releases? That’s right; adrenaline. Tapping into anger is a resource under the bar. As long as a person does not let the anger begin to consume him, it can create a great benefit.
  • Scott Reed

March 11, 2010
Scott Reed
  • What? No Reponse?

    All that time to seek me out and you don't respond to the message? I am so hurt and saddened... oh, wait, no I'm not. But here's another thought for the day for you: In the philosophical sense, form is the outward shape or appearance of an object. Applying that to our life, there is a philosophical form to our lives; the shape and appearance; not the actual shape of our body, but the shape of our mind; our character. As we start to learn what our own form is, we can begin to apply that form in a broader sense. When lifting weights, there is a form to the proper lifting position. This form works in conjunction with our muscles and our mind to perform the lift. When all of these things are working in unison, very special things can happen. Strength is enhanced. We become stronger in body and mind; without the underlying ever-important form, though, we will never reach our maximum potential. The same can be said in our personal life. We can have a great mind and do what others might consider impressive, but without the underlying form of our consciousness; character; we cannot fully achieve the greatness possible within ourselves. Mind, body and form; without a structure to our life, we cannot connect all three very important components. Finding that structure can be a very difficult task. Some people never find it; it is our responsibility to give that structure of character to our children. The only way to make the world a better place is to pass on everything good we learn and eliminate the bad we have learned from.
  • John Canzano

March 12, 2010
John Canzano
  • Appreciate the note, Scott. Keep on, my friend. Glad you're growing and evolving. -- JC

  • Scott Reed

March 13, 2010
Scott Reed
  • But the sad state of the origin of this email is that you assumed, simply because the only time you have seen my writing is in response to yours, that one aspect of my life is the only aspect.

    Just remember, just because the only time you see my words is in response to a column you write, does not mean that it is the only thing I care about. Far too often you deal in your own assumptions and assume yourself to be correct. Far too often, your assumptions are incorrect.

You see, I am, for the most part, a reasonable man. I speak in reasoned terms and usually maintain an even tone. I can guarantee you that Canzano can show you some less than reasonable emails. Like all humans, I certainly get angry at times. However, when approached like a man, I will be respectful until someone shows me they deserve no respect.

As late as last January, I had said to some friends, as we were strolling in Scottsdale just before the Pep Rally for the National Championship Game, that, while I still had no use for Canzano as a writer, I did feel he was a good person. Unfortunately, his own actions have led me to different conclusions just seven months later. And to think, just a few short months ago, I even offered to help with his foundation.

I make no bones, I do not think much of Canzano as a journalist. If he were a truly good journalist with no agenda, at Pac-12 media day, he would have asked Tedford the question about doing business with someone you do not know rather than wait to ask Chip Kelly. That would have been a much more pertinent question. Then he could have followed up with Kelly. Instead, he decided to wait and make the question more of a statement than anything else. He didn't ask the "tough" question, he asked the "grandiose, look at me" question.

Canzano, while finding himself in a position many would envy, is also incredibly insecure. In February, 2008, Canzano wrote an article about Darius Miles adventures in a local strip club. I made a comment in his blog under the handle "ducks39" which said:

So, I guess JC knows Darius' whereabouts 24 hours a day. I guess it is not at all possible for Darius to have worked out for 3-4 hours in the morning, taken some court time in the afternoon to work on his game, watched some film then gone to a club after all that. I mean, I guess that is entirely impossible... I guess Darius was in that strip club 24 consecutive hours.

And, apparently, Canzano knows what Darius thinks at all times because he has told us what Darius thinks.

I must admit, though, that Canzano's trench coat and fedora must have been a very effective design... after all, how could he have gotten all that good information without being spotted... the question is, were you already there and got lucky to spot Darius there??? or did you follow him in??? either way... sounds like you'd fit in better at the National Enquirer than at a true periodical...

Maybe it is time for Canzano to retire, after all, he appears to like hanging out at strip clubs waiting to spot NBA players and their entourages... maybe he could go back to journalism school, learn some ethics and become a REAL journalist... but I doubt that will ever happen...
Feeling a little miffed at the fact that I had written in response to a Blazer article (something that is rare for me as I am not much of an NBA fan) and the fact that I questioned his journalistic integrityCanzano completely changed the post to:

Posted by ducks39 on 02/15/08 at 7:30PM

JC: You're an outstanding columnist. I appreciate your viewpoints. Please keep writing the truth.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I would never write such drivel about his writing skills. But, he must feed his own ego by re-writing posts to cover criticism. Hey, his blog, his rules, I suppose. I just find it entirely unprofessional. But, hey, Lindsay tells us that he is the professional!

John, I am not going to get into a war of words with you. It would be rather pointless. But, here is the deal, John Canzano, you know my facebook page, you have my personal email address, you can contact me. If you have a problem with something I do, why not discuss it like a man? Why the need to take to the airwaves and play first grade insult games? Is that really the example you want to set for your 8 year old daughter? I sure hope not.


  1. Good luck getting a reasoned and truthful response from that clown. JC doesn't care about the lives of the young men he writes about, but only pretends the sanctimony when it serves his purpose in abasing the University of Oregon. Keep doing what you're doing Scott. There are a lot of us out there who appreciate the breadth and scope of your writing. Not to mention the veracity.
    Scott Morgan

  2. I do not expect one. But, if you personally attack me, I will respond. Unlike a first grade mentality, though, I will respond as I have, with an opinion that is well stated and well reasoned.

    What he doesn't know is that I gave up a career in Professional Sports when my first wife and I divorced because it would have taken me away from my children. I chose my boys over a career... and NEVER regretted it... I do have a life, and I also have a lot of free time!