Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 09, 2011
Three Plays That Made The Difference: Cal

1st Quarter, 10:22

LaMichael James gets the ball on the Zone read from Darron Thomas then beats the defense to the edge and runs for a 53 yard touchdown. This set the tone for a different game than last season and let the Cal defense know that they were going to be in for a long day this year.

3rd Quarter, 10:34

After marching down the field, gaining 41 of 50 yards on the ground, Darron Thomas found freshman De'Anthony Thomas on a corner route for a 23 yard touchdown. This was the play that made the "Cover 0" defense that had worked so well the year before, look like a bad idea. If you beat a team using Cover 0 with the match-ups, then they are going to have to change the way they defend. Mission accomplished after this play.

3rd Quarter, 7:08

With LaMichael James getting a breather, Kenjon Barner got the ball on a zone read, took it left and sprinted up the seam for a 68 yard touchdown. This was the play that broke the Cal spirit. The touchdown and subsequent 2 point conversion gave the Ducks a two touchdown lead and all but sealed the game for the Ducks as Cal had no real response after that score.

4th Quarter, 14:53

(This segment normally only has three plays, but there was a fourth play that is critical to the rest of the season. Therefor, an "overtime" play.)

After a brilliant 15 yard run almost took LaMichael James into the end zone, the Ducks found themselves in scoring position at the 3 yard line. Looking to score, the Ducks went with another James run up the middle. Near the end of the play, Cal defenders desperate to make a play, attempted to strip the ball. As the ball came out of James' hands, he struggled to get on the ball before Cal could, in this struggle, James fell awkwardly and dislocated his elbow.

The play had little impact on the outcome of this game, but, for obvious reasons, has an impact on the remainder of the season.

Here at The Other Side of Duck, we wish LaMicheal James a speedy recovery and the best wishes of all Duck fans.


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