Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13, 2012
I originally wrote the First Look series of articles in March for Duck Sports Authority. I had been so busy with those duties and work I had never been able to get the time to update the blog with this articles...

Now they are on here, but, of course, things change after a couple of months. So, as things change I may give brief updates. In this particular case, Fresno State lost one of their key offensive playmakers when Jalen Saunders transferred to Oklahoma.

The projection was for a fairly comfortable win, so the loss of Saunders doesn't change the overall projection much, though it will make it even more difficult for Fresno State to move the ball against the Ducks.

I hadn't paid much attention to the 2012 opponents over the last few weeks as I was working on the In Depth articles for DSA which focuses on the upcoming recruiting class. So a thanks to Rob Moseley for alerting me to the change in Saunders status.

Saunders did not make the decision until after Spring ball when he determined that the offense under their new head coach did not fit well with him and he looked around.

After making the decision, Saunders visited Washington, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma before choosing the Sooners.


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