Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012
So, it has been quite some time since I have put anything out there other than my pieces for Duck Sports Authority.

I have been asked to write for Fish Duck and I have provided a couple of pieces, but have found that I just do not have as much time to write for multiple sites as I thought I would.

It is tough when writing is something you do on the side and the wide variety of interests in my life (power lifting, reading philosophy) combined with working at the job that pays the bills start to consume most of the time left in a day.

This all began out of a little interest I had in researching a different side of the Lache Seastrunk story than traditional media had been willing to put out for public consumption.

I very much appreciate the interest anyone has in the ramblings of a recreational writer who has, sometimes, strong opinions. I wish I had time for more pieces, and if I find extra time, I will see what I can do as far as putting out new stuff.

I am not sure whether the stuff I have in mind really suits what Fish Duck wants from their writing. I have opinions on many topics related to Duck football, but they are not always what Fish wants... I also have a little bit of a control problem. My writing was never designed to "get hits" or attract advertising revenue. It all just began as a way to put my research on one particular topic in a place where I could write what I wanted. And, quite honestly, I like that here at The Other Side of Duck I have complete control over what I say and how I say it... and I do not necessarily like giving that up just to get more people reading what I have to say... I don't take kindly to too much editorial chopping. I write the way I do for a reason. If I write a story and someone doesn't like it, that's all fine and dandy... but use it as written or don't use it.

My belief is that if someone wants editorial control over my writing, that is going to cost them. That's the tricky part about opinions...

When it comes to research writing, either my facts are correct or they are incorrect. That is okay; but I don't really like ceding control of content when it comes to opinion pieces.

The other tricky part is that it appears my original intent has been served. There has been very little negativity surrounding Duck football this off-season. I cannot recall the last time I saw an anti-Duck article in a mainstream newspaper. Without the negativity of traditional media, and without much going on in the world of Oregon Duck football this simmer (thank GOD), there has been little to peak my interest.

So, for the time being, there will be plenty of article written for DSA which will keep me busy until the season starts... then, let the fun begin again!


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