Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013
Duck fans have been all over the internet tonight discussing the letter John Canzano posted tonight from an unnamed former Duck player who had a very bad experience in the stands this past Saturday.

Well, Duck fans, remember, there is always the Other Side of Duck in just about every instance.

Once again that is true.

I cannot say who wrote the letter as I am not completely privy to his identity. However, I can say that I have extended an offer to meet and talk with him to get a better version of his feelings out there instead of this letter that was printed.

First, I can say that yes, this IS a real letter. And yes, the letter was written by a former player.

Through a mutual friend I know that there is some regret here for how this was presented and the manner in which it has spread.

Remember, we ALL get emotional at times and say things or do things we wish we hadn't. There is no delete button for the spoken word and once a letter is received, you cannot unsend it... that is a harsh reality.

The young man was emotional and upset and spoke from his heart. But he was also exploited for the benefit of a columnist.

One thing is true, however. For a young man who did work his tail off on the field; who heard the cheers in their generic form, to stand with the fans and hear up close the negativity that stains the lapse between the cheers has to be devastating. Sometimes the reality of the close up is a harsh reality. It is easier to listen from a distance.

But this is also a window to our soul. We Duck fans always say, once a Duck always a Duck. That must be more true now than ever before. Whatever this mans name, he is a former Duck. He will always be a Duck.

We have bad fans. Most of us have always known this and kind of shrug it off with a "nothing I can do about it" mindset. The reality is that the fans who were sitting around him now know what themselves in this description. Will they care? Who knows. They may not even remember their boorish behavior.

There is a chance, however, that someone in that section will recognize their boorishness and make a change for the better. Wouldn't that be something?


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