Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27, 2013
Herbstreit has long had love for the Oregon program.

Today he stated that he thought that, right now, Florida State deserves the number two spot more than Oregon in the BCS.

I say he is wrong and I can prove it with two words: Boston College.

Boston College is ranked somewhere in the 70's or lower by computer polls; they are currently 3-4 with their three wins over Villanova, Wake Forest and Army; teams who have combined for a record of 11-13 this season.

Boston College; the same team that lost to a very bad USC offense and mediocre USC team by a 35-7 score. That would be the same USC that stands at 5-3 and lost to Washington State 10-7 earlier this season.

Florida State won against Boston College, but in the process escaped hving allowed 400 yards of offense, 200 rushing yards and 34 points to a middling ACC team.

Boston College also took Clemson to the limit with the Tigers escaping 24-14.

What this tells the untrained eye; the ACC is nowhere near the quality of the Pac-12 conference. Simply put, Oregon's 28 point victory over a considerably better team than anything Boston College has faced tells me who the better team is in this instance.

Sure. I am biased. But that does not mean that I am incorrect.


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