Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013
Please. Apparently, some people cannot read.

This is a PERSONAL BLOG... does anyone get that? Really? Because what I write here is NOT a "story" that is made for the same kind of public consumption as my "work" for the site. These are simply longer versions of my opinions.

Simply put, I used this as an extension of a message board. And, guess what, when i write things on a personal blog that get attacked, I take that differently than my actual FREAKING ARTICLES. Are people too STUPID to know the difference? Apparently so.

Oy. I am done with this topic and am getting VERY tired of this whole thing.

Earlier this season I sent a tweet out that said the 2013 season was going to change everything for me... guess that has proven to be true... and it may cause further changes.

For the most part; I am done with a lot of things after this season.

Tailgating will be forever changed for us; as will game day experience.

Yes; I write for a website. But those articles and my blog are a different animal. I am very tired of ALL of this and just want it to stop. That may mean bigger changes are coming.


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