Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014
So, I had a great line which I felt compelled to write down and in a quick 15 minute burst, suddenly there were 860 words on the page!

As I sat in silent contemplation of all that had occurred in one hazy semi-drunk act of lust the night before, I flashed back in time. Suddenly my mind felt the isolation of a young boy; 12 years old.
There, the first time you will see "current" writing or thoughts from the project. From that simple beginning I was able to expand on certain feelings of isolation I had been looking to add to the character. Isolated on the inside, not so much on the outside....

I was looking for a good transition to end chapter 2, which I have conceived and it should work out well. It will involve some more in-depth research, but it will be a good transition...

As I was contemplating this move, something hit me... start mixing in third person narrative. So far, through about 11,000 words, the project has been a first person recollection. Now I plan to work on mixing in third person; how others see the character from outside counter imposed right on top of how he sees himself.

It will make some of the story tough to weave together, but I hope to add a layer of complexity which also gives a deeper understanding of the character.


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