Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 02, 2017
Wait? I came here for recruiting! I know, that last post was more depressing than a good ol' take on recruiting. No worries, more is coming. I just felt really strongly about the topic this morning and wanted to write about it.

In general, I think that the world of recruiting coverage is changing. With the purchase of scout by 247, there are already some differences occurring elsewhere. The business model has been static for quite some time, but that is neither here nor there as it relates to what will come from All The Right Moves.

I am, at heart, an optimist and a positive person. But I am also someone who would like to inspire change in the world. So, with that there will be some occasional thoughts on topics beyond simple recruiting.

Today I put up a premium article on Tommy Brown. I think Oregon has done a tremendous job positioning themselves with the four-star tackle. The problem? His dad is an Alabama alum who attended on a track and field scholarship. Alabama has not yet offered, probably because they know they can wait until the last minute to offer and still snare the talented lineman. If Bama offers - I think he's gone.

Talanoa Hufanga made the trip to Eugene for the Spring Game. That was a good thing for the Ducks. I think he is going to be a difficult pull still because of his relationship with the Nebraska staff and his national profile, including an offer from basically every program in the nation. Taggart has done a very good job at letting Hufanga know he is a top priority. While some of the 'on-state' position holds are no longer available (meaning that for a brief time, in-state kids had the 'right of first refusal), Hufanga will have a spot no matter what; he is just that good.

Isaiah Bolden went on the radio yesterday and spoke with John Canzano. You have got to love this kids moxy. There were a lot of haters when he made the decision to flip, and he simply said 'I don't care what you think' as a way to remind us all that these kids have to do what they think is best for them. If they choose 'our' school great. If not? Let  them be!


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