Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011
This was a response to Rob Moseley:

Considering that Oregon had an existing relationship with Lyles from his days at other recruiting services and had a Freshman Rb who had just set a Conference record for yards by a freshman… not a very likely scenario…

Again, because the Ducks had agreed to be Lyles first client when they though Seastrunk was long gone… seems like a weak argument. Now, the thought process that they only paid Lyles so that he would steer Seastrunk there… meh, that just doesn’t hold water since even Lyles, while being angry at Oregon for canceling the service and trying to impugn their statements, says he never steered players and did not want to… So, again, the only thing we are left with the facts… and the facts are that either the NCAA has to rule all 3 schools (Cal, LSU, Oregon) violated the Recruiting Service bylaws and name Lyles a booster of all 3 schools… or they have to say that Lyles WAS a legitimate scouting service and that Oregon simply made some paperwork errors.

The main important fact is that with today’s announcement of LSU’s punishment, I think it is safe to say that their violation in 2009 was significantly worse than Oregon’s problems here… it was willful and intentional violations of recruiting rules AND they provided extra benefits to the player… their cooperation led to a fairly light set of sanctions (most of which was self imposed).

Given Michael Glazier’s propensity for having his schools self report and self impose sanctions and the fact that the Ducks have yet to announce any findings and any self imposed sanctions… and the fact that Michael Berk last week received a text that the NCAA had only found a “few violations”... further combined with a particular assistant coach talking with another local sports figure (being vague on purpose here) over a round of golf just last week and still saying emphatically that the Ducks did nothing wrong in the Lyles case, I am fairly certain that it did not go down as you propose…


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