Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011
(This was a response in one of Moesely's blogs)

Couple of points here…

Rob, Snuffy said:

“But the thrust of his argument in that article was that Lyle’s steered Lache Seastrunk to Oregon.”

To which you replied:

“Snuffy: The thrust of George’s argument wasn’t that. He wrote:
“What skeptics suspect, though, is that Lyles delivered Lache Seastrunk.”

Ummm… that’s the same thing… saying that the point of George’s article is that “Lyles delivered Seastrunk” is simply restating that “Lyles steered Seastrunk to Oregon.”

So, if your interpretation of George’s intent is accurate, then you simply restated snuffy’s point with less harsh wording.  Nonetheless, those two statements can reasonably be thought of as synonymous.

Later you state: “Many Oregon fans are clinging to Lyles’ assertion that he never steered a player to a school, and somehow allowing themselves to trust that statement while casting doubt on all others.”

Let me answer this as simply as I can… very few fans are casting aspersions on every single statement Lyles makes as fabricated… we simply see the many inconsistencies in his statements and recognize that his capacity for truth is severely compromised. However, there is ONE statement which has never differed: “I never steered a player to any school.” Even compulsive liars make consistent statements. Typically, when a statement remains consistent, people tend to believe that statement. Further making the statement seem reliable isn’t only that Lyles made it, but that EVERYONE is saying the SAME thing… when you have a consistent statement, corroborated by others, it tends to be considered reliable.

The rest is just click-able headlines… because, let’s be honest, no one wants to read a story that says “Nothing to see here folks, move along.” Don Henley said it 30 years ago, people love dirty laundry… in the end, most national pundits still believe that this will be a slap on the wrist type deal and life will move forward for the Ducks… we are now in “big-boy” football…


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