Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011
Rob, it is fairly clear that Yahoo did not make a FOI request for LSU’s recruiting material AND wait for it to determine if they did indeed receive the quality information Lyles implied he gave them. This is clear based on how swiftly LSU did respond when asked.

As for me being hypocritical, first i am not an impartial journalist and do not pretend to be one. Second, I am not ignoring anything, I am simply providing additional information that, when looked at can present a completely different picture. There is no doubt in my mind that some minor sanctions are coming… I also fully recognize the possibility that Oregon is might have committed something worse…

But, if you read those quotes FROM NCAA reps carefully you will see that there is some indication of what is going on within the NCAA regarding this case.
I am not going to debate whether or not the articles are presented objectively… That would be pointless because your beliefs are not going to change… What I will continue to do is scour the internet for information that shows the other side of the story and present what I find.

Finally, as for the “jabs” that last one was at Yahoo… Their story would have had a lot less cache had it been revealed that Lyles never gave anyone anything of quality. The cover-up angle loses a lot of validity if we know up front that Willie Lyles was implying something that just is not true…

I am, in the end, a fan, with a fans perspective. I am not naive… I know Oregon played in some muck. But I see the story differently. If we are to believe that a columnists job is to present an opinion that garners discussion (hence readership), then it is my job, as a fan, to provide the fan perspective. Unless, of course, a newspaper wants to pay me for it, I will continue to present that opinion wherever I can to give all Duck fans this perspective.


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