Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011
Let me explain why Canzano’s question was not a good question… it has nothing to do whether it was his ‘job” to do so or not. I hear his radio compatriots saying that he wasn’t sent down there to ask about whether James or Thomas would play well this year… that the plane ticket was not paid for to ask questions that could have been asked from here… really? Given the fact that everyone on the planet knew the answers to the questions he DID ask going in, and that those answers were explicitly stated as part of Kelly’s opening statement, then wasn’t the plane ticket even more of a waste? You sent someone down there to get “no comment?” Seems like a pretty stupid business decision to me…

But wait… there’s more…

The fact that Canzano focused on Tedford’s answer of not being able to know who Will Lyles was if he was in this room, it seems to me that Canzano showed an incredible lack of stones, professionalism or decency by not posing the question to Tedford… if the man was truly concerned with the STORY and not with self-promotion, he would have jumped all over Tedford for that answer.,.. instead, he hid like a coward in the corner waiting to grandstand because he knew that he was going to get a long-winded “no comment.” This incident only proves that he is not, and never has been, a journalist. He is simply a muck raker.

And, BTW, I am quite certain that the CEO of Johnson & Johnson does not know every vendor that the corporation has an agreement with… Tedford, like his CEO mentor, Bellotti, delegates certain responsibilities to staff… his staff likely determined which recruiting services to use based on the budget that Tedford gave them for such services… it is not surprising at all that the Head Coach had not met the owner of every recruiting service he uses…

But, you know what, Canzano knows this… he was simply grand-standing for attention… in the process he proved exactly why he will never go “big time.” He just doesn’t have the stones or journalistic instincts for anything more than what he is… a hack columnist for the 21st ranked (by circulation) paper in the nation… whoopity-doo!


  1. Did you see that Canzano's wife posted a video of him being "controlled" and "censored/quieted" by the powers that be and likened it, and I quote, to a "communist" regime.

    Then she disallowed comments from the viewers! Hypocrisy at it's finest!!