Friday, September 2, 2011

September 02, 2011

One of the incredible things about traveling is the people you meet,. Sometimes they have no concept about who you might be and who you might know. As you talk to them, you get to learn quite a bit. Interestingly enough, my flight attendant as I was traveling from Minneapolis to Dallas is a Baylor fan… and her ex is a TCU fan, She is not a football fan and has no clue about Lache Seastrunk, but she was FASCINATED by the tales of a transfer from Oregon that will make her beloved Baylor Bears a better team.

Earlier in the evening  I had the pleasure of spending some time talking Duck football with a couple of fans. One of them was young, maybe my son’s age and was FASCINATED with the ins and outs of the team, Though he was headed down and was obviously a devoted fan, he was not well versed in the specifics of the team.

It has always interesting to meet fans like him as they are the majority and represent what we used to be; the non-obsessed! But, that is okay; we are now the obsessed and we love it… we follow every step of the recruits we know what guys like DAT did in high school; guys like Jake Rodriguez… and that is good… we are the future of Duck football, all we need is to extend our passion to the newer fan and the future will be as bright as the present. I have always loved to hear the tales of other fans. Their obsession with knowledge (or lack thereof) does not need to match ours to be good fans. It is a great thing to see football from the perspective of other fans.

Now, out to explore Dallas a little bit!


  1. Post some pics when you can Scott, especially of the stadium! I'm totally bummed as I'm a 20+ yr season ticket holder & my trip fell through :-<