Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011
Okay Duck fans, it is time once again to make your plans for the Official DSA Tailgate. This week is an EARLY game, so we will be at our early as well. Tailgating opens up 4 hours before game time, as always, I will be there as early as they will let me!

We will be in our usual new spot at the Serbu Youth Center Directly across Centennial Blvd (MLK) from Autzen. We will have the flag up and the Banner attached... but we are also in spaces 222 & 223.

Let me give some easy to find directions to our spot.

There are TWO Entrances for the Serbu Parking... ours is the WESTERN most entrance. After you go in this entrance you should see a long field to your left... go down the road until you see a bunch of spaces to the LEFT, we are at the farthest end on the left hand side.


Below are the details!

What: DSA Tailgate - WSU Edition
When: Oct. 29, 2011
Time: ~ 8:00AM local time tailgating lots open; I will be there!
Where: John Serbu Youth Campus, 2727 MLK Blvd
Spaces: 222 and 223
Donations: Donations may be made at the game with cash or through PayPal: To pay with paypal you can use my email address:
Email Address:
Cell Phone: 503-807-9543
Twitter: ScottReed_DSA

COMMENTS: Remember that we will have the following amenities:

*-TV with cable to watch games during tailgate
*-Food: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Brats
*-SPECIALTY APPETIZER: Fresh, Home made Chilli
*-Beverages: Beer, Sodas, Blended Drinks (thanks to the generator, we can use a blender and have fun with drinks!)
*-Burgers are hand made this year and should be VERY good!

*-R2FireDuck is making the chili so a BIG thank you goes out to Ron... we have postponed the jambalaya until NEXT home game (USC)

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!


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