Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14, 2011
Well, I had an experience today in prepping for the tailgate tomorrow that rather surprised me. I often sing the praises of my Sling Box because it offers me a great opportunity to have a television at the tailgates. I love the ease of use and it was much less expensive than a full fledged automatic aiming portable satellite dish.

today, just as a back up, I was setting up to watch the Sling Box from my own laptop (we always use my wife's). As I entered my password I got an error message that said the password was incorrect (very little chance of that, I know my passwords). It offered a "reset password" option, so I figured rather than worry about it, I could simply reset my password... so I went through their steps.

It seemed simple enough, a message appeared that said a verification code had been sent to my email address... one problem, the email never arrived. OOPS. So, I called. At first, I had Sling Media's own version of "Peggy" answer the phone. So, I hung up and called back a second time. This time I was in contact with someone who spoke my language... and all he did is read off of his little card... when i told him I could not log into the forum without the password that would not reset, he sauid "Oh, we can take care of that for you and get your password reset."

Sounds great...

"For $30"

I just hung up. Absolutely ludicrous. Next year I WILL be buying the automatic aiming portable satellite dish for tailgates... this was a ridiculous experience and I will no longer offer any kind words about Sling Box.


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