Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 07, 2011
Okay, leading up to the Rose Bowl, I will be doing match-up article for Duck Sports Authority. I was a little surprised by some of the statistics as I did the research.

The most important difference I saw was that the Wisconsin QB has not been significantly better than last year's QB Scott Tolzien. Russell Wilson has a higher pass efficiency rating, mostly due to a higher number of touchdown passes. But he has thrown for what is essentially the same completion percentage. He has a similar yards per attempt number and yards per completion are close to Tolzien's. Wilson has passed for about 30 yards per game more than last season.

On the flip side, Darron Thomas, despite the noticeable slow starts in games has actually been MORE efficient this season. His Passer Efficiency rating this season is 155.2 compared to 151.0 last season. Thomas has completed essentially the same percentage of passes, for the same yards per attempt. he has just thrown much less this season. Part of that can be traced to Kenjon Barner being healthy in the middle of the season and De'Anthony Thomas' presence to help give LaMichael James more rest.

Basically, I see a lot of commentary that the Badgers have a huge edge at the QB position, and I just do not see it as that big of an edge. Both QB's are efficient and make very few mistakes. Both are mobile QB's who run their teams very well.


Darron Thomas began 2010 in a battle for the starting QB position for the Ducks. By the end of camp, the redshirt sophomore had won the position. As 2010 progressed, Duck fans began to understand why as Thomas led the team to it's second consecutive conference title, an undefeated regular season and a berth in the BCS National Championship Game. Though the Ducks lost 3 starters from the offensive line in 2011, they were favored to take a third consecutive conference title.

The 2011 season played out differently, though...

Wisconsin entered the off-season after the 2011 Rose Bowl in search of a new quarterback. Scott Tolzein, the 2010 starter was graduating after a stellar senior campaign that saw him complete nearly 73% of his passes for 2459 yards. Tolzein threw for 16 touchdowns and was sacked just 14 times in 13 games in 2010. Tolzien and the Badgers were very efficient in the passing game last season averaging 9.4 yards per attempt passing and 12.8 yards per catch for a QB Efficiency rating of 165.9. Replacing his production would be a tall order.

The Badgers found luck in the NCAA transfer rule for graduating seniors with eligibility remaining. Russell Wilson...

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