Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20, 2011
I am hearing from a very good source that the uniform change for the Rose Bowl is to remove the "O" from the helmet and replace it with a Wing design.

I have never fought the uniform changes much because I understand that the kids like them. However, at some point there HAS to be a brand that is firmly established and remains the one constant in our ever evolving identity.

When George Horton agreed to become the Manager for the Duck baseball team, he did it under an agreement that the uniforms have some basics that be adhered to... and that made sense. Certainly it is easier to do so for a non-revenue sport like baseball. Football, on the other hand, is the driving monetary force in the university and thus subject to more outside influences when it comes to things like uniform design.

They say the only constant in this world is change, but I beg to differ. There are plenty of constants. Oregon can stand apart from every other university and yet still have some tradition. We must find a way to communicate our disapproval of this step and ask the athletic department to choose a different helmet for the Rose Bowl.

If they want to work a wing pattern into a "ghost patter" coming off of the "O," that is one thing. But to completely eliminate the "O" from the helmet is a step too far. The "O" is our identity. After all, the "O" is on gloves! We almost had our players banned from flashing the "O" after scores. And the university wants to abandon it? Even if only for one game this is not acceptable.

I have created a facebook page... we need to see if our voice can be heard!


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