Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012
The Demise of Radio In Portland

I have not posted much since the Rose Bowl win. I took some time to decpompress and felt that there was nothing critically important that I needed to express. Every thing that has happened after that game has been beaten to death by just about everyone in media. My voice likely would have just been a muddled mess thrown into the garbled pile of voices.

The other component to this absence is that I have also been quite busy at work catching up from being gone for nearly two weeks. I was listening to Dave Smith's show, where I was a frequent guest during the season as a way to "stay in touch" with the world of sports along with my regular reading, of course. Over the last two work weeks, however, I have been inundated with new problems and have not had as much time to listen to radio during the work day.

Lo and behold last week I happened to tune in to 750 The Game at noon looking forward to hearing my friend on the radio... and he was gone. In his place some atrocious concept by the least evolved persona in Portland radio since Marconi, Pork Chop, and a show called "The Man Cave."

First of all, let me just say that the people on that show were not men; they were pre-pubescent children that never grew up. They were Peter Pan with foul language. I spent four years in the Marine Corps, I can swear with the best of them. Nonetheless, there is a time and place. I tune in to sports radio to listen to people have intelligent conversations about sports because I enjoy the topic. And, I can tell you that Chop and Ditch have as much sports knowledge in their entire bodies as I do in the nail of my little toe. I tolerated both of these guys during their stint on KUFO because I preferred the music on that station to the bland "MIX" stations that populate Portland radio. But I cannot stomach their nonsense when they begin to defile something that brings a lot of good to the world. Neither of these pre-pubescent morons have an inkling of what athletics are about due to their complete lack of intestinal fortitude.

It gets quite tiresome to have people make assumptions about male sports fans simply because we have a side of our personality that enjoys competition.

I was a frequent guest on Dave's show and appreciated the opportunity to talk football during college football season. As many who may have spoken with me or even read some of the stuff I have written may know, not all male sports fans are Neanderthals. In fact, some of us even read non-sports books on occasion! I, for one, have not read a sports book in many years. Most of my personal leisure time is spent reading from a little deeper pool.

Every fan I know is much more evolved than these guys. If I weren't so tight with my money, maybe I would buy satellite radio and not have to deal with adults who think they are cool when they act like 10 year old children, unfortunately, for the time being, I am stuck listening to whatever radio stations Portland has to offer OR listening to CD's.

Gosh, I would switch to Big Suck and Little Ropper, but, unfortunately, their 6-7 "Club 1080" is only better than the "Man Cave" on one level; they don't talk like stupendously ignorant 10 year old boys for their show. Nonetheless, their last hour (the hour that I drive home) is not worth listening to most of the time, and I don't particularly care to attempt to listen every day to get the one good show out of ten.

So, I guess the recording industry should give Alpha Broadcasting a thank you note as I will likely find myself listening to more CD's now. At least during the day I can listen to Pandora and choose what I want to listen to with only a limited amount of commercials.

Once again, Alpha Broadcasting has failed the very people that they should be striving to entertain; the listeners.

Does anyone in Portland radio remember the DISASTER that was 94.7 when they let Marconi have his own show? These guys are worse. Apparently, in radio, you don't learn from past mistakes, you simply make even worse mistakes.

Good bye sweet sports radio, your demise is not far off on 750 The Game.

It is time that every reader lets this get to at least 10 other friends, make your voices heard to Alpha Broadcasting and 750 The Game. Bernard Bohkeni cannot carry his own show. This idiotic concept of "The Man Cave" does not belong on radio. Bring back Dave Smith. If not Dave, bring back Wheels at Work. 

Something. ANYTHING has got to be a better option.


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