Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 08, 2012
In this continuing series from Duck Sports Authority, we continue to look forward to the 2013 recruiting cycle.

Today we look at the offensive tackle position. The offensive line positions for the Ducks can be quite difficult to break down into individual positions. Coach Steve Greatwood is widely recognized for his ability to create versatile offensive linemen that allow him great flexibility when substituting players. With the "best five" players mentality, a second team tackle may be the first team guard.

Due to the nature of the Duck offensive line versatility, for current players, we have used the primary position from the most recent season. For those players who have yet to play, we have used the position that they were listed in their Rivals profile.

2012 Departures: Nick Cody, Ryan Clanton, Kyle Long

Nick Cody seems to have been a Duck for a very long time. Cody will leave after starting his final two seasons. The 2011 season brought many highs to... Click here to continue reading 


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