Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20, 2012
Okay all, the first conference game is finally at hand. National TV audience; DAT on the cover of Sports Illustrated. A night game. It's time to get that old tailgate magic going. WE love seeing all of our members at these. Never been to one? Now's the time! Been to all of them? Keep coming, we love all members showing up and having a good time!

I solved the TV thing... we had perfect reception once we found the right spot and it was a crisp clear picture!!!!!

Well, after our extended summer, it looks like we will be in a more normal pattern, but still a decent overall day with a high temp at 70 or so, plenty of reasons to come out and enjoy the day with fellow Duck fans!

Please remember that this is 100% financed by me... I hate to "pimp" for donations, but they are very helpful in keeping these going for all... and they are what help me to keep expanding our amenities.

Anyone who wishes to make their donations in advance can do so with the paypal information below, otherwise, feel free to donate at the tailgate. There is no required or minimum cost, but we sure like to see all our members.

Last year there was, at times, confusion about  our location. We will be in the same spot. There are two entrances for the Serbu Youth Center. We are at the WESTERNMOST entrance. If you are headed up MLK towards Springfield, this is the first entrance; and if you are headed towards Coburg it is the second. I have included an overhead screen shot from google maps. Our spot is located on the left side of the image. You should see a long field (and if you look close, a goal post at the left end of the field), we are at the end near the
goalpost . I know it is not the same as tailgating at Autzen, but they are pricing us regular fans out of there, so let's all get together and show them that the average fan still matters (not that I or any of us are actually average!)

After you go in this entrance you should see a long field to your left... go down the road until you see a bunch of spaces to the LEFT, we are at the farthest end on the left hand side.

As a bonus, we have a huge field for people to hang out, play, etc. There is a porta-potty close to
our spot that is almost a private place! It is a pretty sweet set up. Though we only have one parking space this season, because we have the end space, we will have plenty of space to ourselves!

Below are the details!

What: DSA Tailgate - Arizona Edition

Sep. 22, 2012

~ 3:30 PM local time tailgating lots open; I will be there!

John Serbu Youth Campus, 2727 MLK Blvd


Donations may be made at the game with cash or through

To pay with paypal you can use my email address:

Email Address:

Cell Phone:



Remember that we will have the following amenities:
*-TV with cable to watch games during tailgate
*-Food: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Brats
*-Beverages: Beer, Sodas, Blended Drinks (thanks to the generator, we can use a blender and have fun with drinks!)
*-Burgers are hand made again this year and I hear that they are VERY good!

*-The picture shows our location!


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