Friday, August 9, 2013

August 09, 2013
A quick pointer to those fans from other teams who might happen to run across some of my ramblings... and that's what this blog is... my personal ramblings as they relate to Oregon Ducks athletics as well as some thoughts that originate from my formal writing for Duck Sports Authority.

If there is something you see that seems factually inaccurate, I have no problem with corrections. But that would pertain to facts, like statistics, or names.

Opinions, on the other hand, by their very nature, cannot be inaccurate. IF there is something that your team looks like from the outside, take that as a learning point.

As an example, I am well aware that other programs have a bad view of Oregon fans. I get it, I have seen some of the boorish behavior that they consider representative of all Oregon fans. For that reason, I have taken it upon myself to ensure that I am the opposite.

As I was leaving the media room after the Stanford game last season, I stopped and talked to a couple of parents of Stanford players and some boosters. It is most difficult to have class in that situation, and I feel that being gracious in that situation can help change what others think of our fans.

By that same nature, I am also cognizant of the fact that a very few fans are the ones who have given Oregon the bad reputation, so the majority of us that are not boorish have to work extra hard to overcome that stigma.

So, if you happen to be a fan of another team, and on this blog I say things that seem harsh, keep in mind, that is how your team might be viewed from the outside.

If you wish to take offense with those opinions, I actually have no problem with discussing the topic; but don't come to my personal blog and think you are going to make your point by getting into a childish pissing match. The great thing about a personal blog... I can delete anything I want and do not have to explain my actions to anyone.

Having already completed my look at the softer part of the 2013 schedule, it is unlikely that I am going to have to face too many issues with this as the rest of the games I have yet to look at are for teams that have a lot of solid foundation and success in their recent backgrounds.


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