Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 01, 2013
Today on "Idiots of the World" we encounter two more athletes who just simply do not seem to "get it."


Terrence Jones can hide behind the word "trip" all he wants, but that does not explain him yelling "wake up!" at the homeless man on whom he "tripped." We keep hearing that nothing good happens at 2 AM, yet professional athletes cannot seem to help themselves.

Yes, Jones is young and stupid. And that's not really a big surprise. What is bothersome to me is trying to hide behind his lawyer. Look, the homeless man probably had no idea who it was that stepped on him. All of this legal stuff could probably have been avoided by some form of kind gesture.

It's not like Jones comes from a privileged background which is what really bothers me about this whole scene. By stomping on that man, he stomped on himself, and he stomped on his mother. It wasn't long ago that fans across the nation sat glued to their computer screens as he announced a college decision.

Jones has been somewhat spoiled and he has still not really learned anything from what should be a humbling and humiliating situation; other than how to shirk responsibility and hide from his own demons. Is that really the lesson we want to teach him right now?

Terrence needs to accept that what he did was disgusting. Apologize. Move on. Maybe even buy the man dinner. Take the time to get to understand the man. Remember without the talent that God gave you, you might not be in any better situation.


As many are aware, I am not as big an NFL fan as I am college, so I do not spend much time watching NFL games or paying attention to what the players in the NFL do on their free time.

Certainly circumstance will make that almost impossible to avoid, see Aaron Hernandez, but, generally speaking, I avoid discussing the NFL. Today, though, I am compelled to make a brief topic on Riley Cooper.

I am sorry, but I have a problem when people are caught... ON CAMERA, making racial slurs and then say "that's not the kind of person I am."

Ummm, yes it is, otherwise you wouldn't have used such a vile and disgusting reference to another human being.

We are who we are. What we say absolutely reflects who we are as people. To attempt to deflect the rightful criticism with such a lame platitude is alomst as shameful as the original act. It is an act of cowardice to hide behind the words "that's not who I am."

Riley Cooper, you are an NFL player. Be a man. Accept the consequences of your actions. That IS who you are.

You MIGHT aspire to be a better man than that, but until you take that first, most critical step, and admit to the truth, you will always be stuck in your lost world and trapped inside the smallness of your own mind.

Maybe he was just trying to "show off" at the concert around other people with similar attitudes, but there are still no excuses. Accept who you are and try to become better. By your denial you only continue to plague yourself with your own stupidity.


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