Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013


"Can the defense improve dramatically from its dreadful showing in 2012. On third downs, opposing offenses had a success rate of 50 percent and on fourth downs it was 70 percent, Renois said.

"There was little to no pressure from the front seven which left an inexperience secondary exposed. The hope is a transfer or two up front and overall experience will lead to better defensive play, at least in conference games."


Returning Starters: 8

Key returners: Marcus Washington, RB, 5-11, 214, Senior; Nick Scelfo, TE, 6-4, 235, Jr.; Eric Alt, C, 6-6, 335, Sr.;, Josh Hanberry, WR, 5-7, 157, Jr.

Key Losses: Landry Klann, QB; Gerald Gruenig C, Jesse Turner, RB

Key Arrivals: Hunter Alleman, OL, 6-4, 280

"Incumbent starting quarterback Landry Klann is being redshirted with shoulder surgery and Beaux Hebert, son of former NFL quarterback Bobby Hebert, is listed as starter," Renois told Duck Sports Authority. "But there may be a transfer coming soon. Hebert has also dealt with injury and has limited experience in four years in the program," Renois continued.

The offensive line loses just one player from last season, but clearly when a team goes 1-10 without a conference win in two consecutive seasons, just about every area is one that could stand improvement.

Early Offense Prediction: This is a team that struggled to score points in just about every game. Against Oregon State, a team who defeated the Colonels by a 77-3 score, the Colonels attempted to throw the ball almost exclusively lining up in a four wide receiver set for most of the game.

Largely due to the Beavers size and athletic advantage, Nicholls State looked to make short quick passes to their leading receiver, running back Jesse Turner. The Colonels had some success completing nearly 61 percent of their pass attempts for 174 yards. Nonetheless, they were unable to sustain any momentum and struggled with the Beaver defense most of the day.

Expect Nicholls State to make a similar strategy move against the Ducks. With three new linebackers starting for the Ducks, this is the only offensive game plan that makes sense. Nonetheless, the Duck defense is even faster and will have few problems stopping the Colonels.


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