Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22, 2013
So, I was listening to Sports Center tonight and heard two baseball "talking heads" address the Ryan Braun statement regarding his use of performance enhancing drugs during the 2011 season.

Mark Mulder, a former major league pitcher who pitched for my childhood favorite Oakland A's and Tim Kurkjian both talked about the statement and Braun's responsibility.

And, well, I have to say, that to hear people act as self-righteous as these two sometimes sends me over the edge when watching.

Newsflash: Ryan Braun does not owe anyone anything more than what he said. He has publicly apologized to his family, friends, team mates and fans for his denial and his actions. He has apologized to the man he slandered.

Beyond those apologies, he has no responsibility to be specific about what drugs he used, where he got them or how they were recommended. Kurkjian and Mulder are simply as wrong as they can be in this case.

Braun is serving a 65 game suspension. Braun has apologized to those that matter. Does it truly matter what he used or where he got it? I mean; really? It sounds to me like Mulder and Kurkjian are a little miffed because they feel they have some right to know every minute detail of a player's life. The reality is that they do not matter; and their knowledge is irrelevant.


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