Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

So, with a few minutes of spare time this morning, I read through some tweets that had been sent out by a particular Tennessee fan. Let me say that I met a lot of Vols fans and this guy did NOT represent the types of fans I met.

But let me get into what he said. First of all, he was complaining about the 4th-and-6 play when Oregon led by 17 and decided to go for it on fourth down.

This was the first half! Not the fourth quarter. The Ducks were leading by 17, not exactly a huge margin. Certainly teams have come back from larger deficits. And this moron says that it was unsportsmanlike and that Oregon should have punted. Really? How did all that punting work out for Butch Jones?

Second, if the Vols had defended a little better, you know, by maybe lining a defensive back up over a completely uncovered receiver, they would have been able to stop the play. But, you know what, he was upset that Oregon basically made the Vols look silly there, so I might be willing to excuse his ignorance some… until I read his solution:

“That’s where hitting a skill player at the knees out of bounds would work”

Was this guy really suggesting that the way to play football is to cheap shot and purposely attempt to injure? There’s a reason he is a clueless fan and not a player or coach. Wonder how he would feel if I said something similar about the Volunteers? There is absolutely no reason to even consider such actions.

He showed his true ignorance in another post when he said that Oregon holds on every single play. Well, considering Oregon uses a lot (and I mean a lot) of cut blocking (legally) techniques, that simply cannot be true. Period. I mean, it is purely idiotic to make a statement like that if you actually watch the play. Apparently, this guy knows as much about football as my mother (and she knows very little about football).

What he shows, though, is that there are clueless idiots everywhere. Fortunately, the Tennessee fans I met had a lot more class than this guy and we shared a great time at our tailgate with plenty of good food and drink to go around.

Better days are ahead for the Vols, sadly, when those days come, this clown will still be posting his stupidity all over twitter.


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