Friday, May 9, 2014

May 09, 2014

While it is very tragic that the crime of rape exists, we have to ask ourselves where our philosophical ideals lay in times like these. The problem with most of these journalists is that they do not have philosophical ideals. They blindly write what generates revenue.

I was speaking with my brother today and we talked about the deeper thoughts about crime and punishment. I have LONG held the belief that I would rather see 100 guilty men go free than to see a single innocent person in jail.

Due to the vile nature of some crimes, though, we as a society have gone the opposite direction. To avoid vile criminals going free, we allow innocent men to spend years behind bars. This is what led to Brian Banks going to prison for a rape he did not commit; and this is what has led to "journalists" focusing on the irrelevant.

You want a bigger story? Dig into why this society choose to allow false accusations to go unpunished. And then look at which race is affected most by this problem. You want to win awards? Do REAL stories, not ridiculous attempts to discredit young men who, though they acted immorally, violated no laws.

Sadly, the principles that led many of these journalists into their profession were lost a long time ago. And they just do not see it. Just a blank page in front of them and a bank account with which they are dissatisfied.

The scourge of society is that no one wants to look deep; they are afraid of what they might find. A profession which was once revolutionary in how it exposed the inequities and injustice has become nothing more than figure heads.


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