Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25, 2014
I personally cannot stand Smith... and the problem is that frequently, if you disagree with him, he will say it is because you are racist... now... that being said, I do think I know what he was TRYING to say...

Essentially, while it is not widely talked about, violence is gender neutral. There ARE violent women that attack men. There ARE women that rape men. It is an ugly truth that no one wants to discuss. There ARE women that abuse men, and while we all like to say "men should be able to handle it; they can walk away." That is no different than questioning why women don't walk away from abuse.

The difference is that there is an even BIGGER shame in being an abused man; it is reported even less than violence against women.

Personally, I know nothing about the Ray Rice case and don't care too... but if you think that there aren't women who purposely provoke men TRYING to get them to take a swing, then you are sadly very naive. There are. It is a reality. Police officers can tell you as can many. Does it justify the reaction?

Ask yourself a question, at what point does gender become irrelevant? Are we saying women can do things men cannot? If a women balls her fist and starts beating up a man, punching him in the face, when is he allowed to defend himself?

I have been punched by two different women; I was kicked in the gut by another. I walked away. But you know what is sad, had a man done those things to me, no one would question an equal response.

Do I think that this happened in Ray Rice's case? No clue. I don't read every police report; and I am not a Ravens fan so have no need... I am only pointing out that I think I know what Smith was TRYING to get at...


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