Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014
So, I needed someone at the end of the book, someone who could provide like an earthquake of challenges to Brian's mind. KI was unsure about this  until, as I considered, and as I was browsing Facebook one night, the perfect inspiration hit me...

You see, there are a lot of Facebook friends for me, many of whom friend requested me due to the writing... which is all good and I don't mind at all... and I have followed along through all of the ups and downs of some of them... the truth is definittely stranger than fiction on occasion!

Well, as I was reading one day, it hit me that there is a particular person whom I do not know that is the perfect, and I mean PERFECT inspiration behind a new character. I would never reveal this person's name, but the history will be deep and textured and will provide the perfect creative challenge to the protagonist!

The words written are gold. Not as they are written, but as I see them changed in the story.


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