Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 09, 2014
Seriously? How many of the "reporters" and I use that term very loosely, are truly outraged? None. They are nothing more than attention whores who are using one ugly incident to raise their profile. Using a victim to make themselves sound like "heroes." Instead they are all garbage. Every single one of the media whores posting endlessly about what "must" be done and who all "must" pay.

Every single one of those faux reporters that writes their "outrage" over this incident are the worst kind of hypocrite imaginable.

They are not outraged at all. In fact, none of them care. They are nothing better than TMZ and TMZ is nothing more than The National Enquirer on television. It is nothing more than an attempt to suck people into a world of lurid nothingness and it is as despicable as what happened to Janay Rice.

And, let me make this clear, what happened was despicable. But ask yourself why TMZ went public with the video before going to the NFL or the Baltimore Ravens? How many of you would have gone to their website? Watched their programs? None. You see, these media whores played it all along; they were never concerned for making sure that the right thing, whatever that may have been, was done. They were interested in raising their profile.

With the specter of this release, they can come out and look like heroes for their objection to anyone and everyone who has been associated with Ray Rice from the moment that he punched and knocked out his fiance. You see, every one of those despicable, disgusting media whores that felt the need to right about their "indignation" were victimizing Janay again.

Should she still be with Ray Rice? Who the hell am I or ANY one of those media scum whores to make that decision? We cannot make that decision, nor should we.

It is time we stop letting the media dictate our reactions to what is considered socially acceptable and what is not. Did we really need a video of Janay Rice getting knocked out to know what happened? No. But every single one of those media whores pounced on the video like a vulture on a rotting carcass.

Not a single damn one of you cares about Janay Rice. Not a single damn one of you will ever send a penny to abused women's charities; not a single damn one of you will even consider her name after the media circus passes.

Ray Rice made a massive mistake and he will definitely pay for his actions. The difference between him and the media whores? He recognizes his mistake and has apologized to everyone for his actions. But the media whores? They'll just move on to the next story like the ghypocritical whores they are.

Manufacturing consent indeed.


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