Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015
Okay, here is what I have as my synopsis. I am taking feedback from all sources!

Fragments of Humanity is the second novel by Scott Reed. Following up his profound first novel, Middle of Nothing, the newest book continues themes of class struggle, sexual compulsions, greed, and desperation. Digging even deeper into the dark corners of the human mind, Fragments of Humanity follows the tales of four teenagers looking for a better life.

Gail was a restless young woman looking to make her childhood dream of modeling a reality. The catalyst for everyone else's actions leaves a comfortable life at a California beach town to chase down a modeling job. Unsupported by her father, she begins her adventure with plans for a trip to Las Vegas with a close friend, Jesse. As they begin their journey, Gail begins to accumulate more friends to join on this voyage into adulthood.

Jesse, who had been had been her confidante and personal body guard, has a mother addicted to crack who does anything to fill that need. This backdrop begins to explain his devolvement into madness as he is ill-equipped for the disappointment that life brings. He is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, but that only creates deeper trouble as he finds himself unable to escape his true nature.

Aaron, a second male friend Gail decides to bring along, has his own problems; abusive father, alcoholic mother, depression and self-loathing. He just wants a different life. His journey will put him in extreme danger as he tries to hold on to whatever humanity is left from his frayed childhood.

Darrell, the final character Gail drags into her mirage, is from a small logging town in Oregon. A boring childhood was always something which he wanted to escape, so he chose the Marine Corps. He meets Gail and her friends as he decides to run away from the Marine Corps and just looking for that escape that makes him feel as if he has a purpose.

Shortly after arriving in Las Vegas, however, everything goes sideways for the group. Almost immediately Gail ditches everyone in favor of a new love interest. As her love grows, the separation of all the four lives continues to grow as well. When Gail gets the message that her adventure and career are about to take off, she beams with excitement. The happiness soon becomes terror as she finds herself kidnapped and sold into an international sex trafficking ring.

Fragments of Humanity follows the plight of all four teens as they wade through the morass and pitfalls of exchanging one hell for another. Filled with Gail’s disappearance, lust, greed, anger, revenge and the painful realization of what led them all to the brink of disaster, Fragments of Humanity is ultimately a story about betrayal and survival. Heroes evolve and enemies are revealed. With pride, honor and courage, the truth is revealed for all. Multiple lives are destroyed amid the angst and turmoil. The story once again is told in a unique style combining sweeping time frames with heavy and intense moments of dialogue interspersed with a unique narrative voice.


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