Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15, 2015
What is it with people and their high horse?

I have seen plenty of posts over the pas three or four days about the new movie "sensation." I don't think I need to say which movie because only one movie currently in theaters is gaining this kind of double edged attention.

There are the fans of the book who are flocking in droves to see the movie. Some are so obsessed with the books and their, so-called, "brilliance" that they do not want to even acknowledge the existence of any negative review. Sometimes even the best written book has a horrible screen adaptation. For me the prime example of such a case is "The Sheltering Sky."  The book was a piece of literary brilliance. Paul Bowles captured a kind of angst that besieged two lost souls who wandered through Africa. The movie, unfortunately was simply lost. Even with Debra Winger and John Malkovich as their leads, the movie was a major flop.

Fifty Shades of Gray has nowhere near the acting quality in their cast and the book is poorly written from a technical standpoint and from the standpoint of art. Reading some of the paragraphs is like reading short stories I wrote in sixth grade; except Shades was not written that well.

On the other side of this debate are the right wingers who once again feel themselves justified in condemning those people who like this book series and the move for their "indefensible" choice to support "domestic violence."

Look, we get it, anyone who has sex before they are married, or thinks about sex or does anything other than missionary is an evil person doomed to rot in hell for their lack of morals. Yes, this makes the religious right feel, well, right and the rest of us condemned.

Here's the thing, though, while you are all feeling very good about your self-righteous, sanctimonious bullshit, you fail to even comprehend the topic to which you refer - domestic violence. You haven't actually read the book, or seen the movie, yet you condemn its message. How is that possible? Simple. You regurgitate what your pastor/preacher says without daring to spend even a moment of reflection on the topic.

Domestic violence is atrocious. I am almost fifty years old (more irony?) and have never hit another person in anger; man or woman. This movie is not about domestic violence, nor is the book. It is about a topic that most right wing Christians dare not take the time to accept as a legitimate sexual choice for some people; BDSM. These people refuse to accept that there are subsets of people who actually enjoy this time of lifestyle.

Like it or not, this is a lifestyle choice that many, many people make. It is called "informed consent" and it is legitimate. Your unwillingness to accept it notwithstanding, as someone married to a woman who suffered REAL domestic violence, it is insulting to me personally that you lump this lifestyle choice into that category.

News flash religious right, separation of church and state means that you do not get to set the rules of justice for this nation based on your personal religious views. Your puritanical view on sexual mores does not exclude the existence of other views. You do not make the rules and you do not get the right to condemn the choices of others.

I am a Christian. And, in my Bible, I think I read somewhere that only God gets to pass judgment on others for their sins. Take your puritanical bullshit back to the 1690's where it belongs and let the rest of the world live their life as they see fit. That is freedom, your way is spiritual bondage.


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