Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015

Another weekend upon us and another weekend filled with activities that, as with many of us, involves that favorite lubricant; alcohol!

Not entirely. Tonight we will be joining a “Retro Cocktail party” devised by a couple of friends from the yesteryear of high school. At one of our gatherings earlier this year, one of my friends quipped that it is too bad we no longer have ‘formal’ cocktail parties. When we were young, those were the parties our parents would attend. Get on their dresses and suits, head out for a good time.

So, she decided we needed to have one. I look forward to this as I do not mind donning the suit coat every once in a while. I do not wear it for work, but have one… just in case. So that should be a good night.

Followed in close proximity to a concert I will be attending tomorrow night. In my doomed effort to spark some free advertising for the book release, I was able to score free tickets to a sold out concert. That should be fun, I like the band (The Decemberists) and it will be downtown, where I like to go on occasion for a drink or two. Imagine that. Me. With a drink. Who would have thought?!

That means that writing this weekend may be somewhat sporadic, but that is okay. I like doing things that keep my mind refreshed. Last night I got some good thoughts down and I might do a bit of research this weekend which will help me get a better understanding of where I want to go with this book.

What I am thinking is that I need to keep focused on a few different characters. But I think I need to bring some institution into the mix. Maybe I will have one of the characters somehow related to a college coach of some sport; or maybe I will use a different institution – like a judge. I am definitely going to use a little pub as the point where the people gather even as the world disintegrates around them. I need to name the pub, but I like that I will go a chapter before the place gets a name. Shows a bit of how irrelevant a place can feel until drama starts to surround our lives. I will probably take my shot at banking as that is something that needs to be said… but I need to be careful as we don’t want this to be a conspiracy theory concept where all those conspiratorial ideals are fed like a biscuit to a rabid dog. I think I will make local bankers a dupe of the subversive nature society is doomed to become in this book.

Not sure exactly, but these are the thoughts I have going forward.

Tonight, though, I enjoy the spirit of the day!


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