Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015
It is a rather funny thing to watch this blog as far as page views being so few, but especially true on Saturday and Sunday when I take a break from the not-so-cumbersome task of updating the status.

I put so much time in to so many projects during the week, that I tend to let loose of one or two as the weekend approaches. First and foremost this weekend, with the tragedy in Nepal, I have been touched ever so slightly as the man who acted as the trail guide for my older brother when he went to Nepal a couple of years ago happens to live near the epicenter of the earthquake and had been unable to check in until just a few moments ago. He and his family are physically safe, but lost their home.


Mine are but mere words on paper (or virtual paper as the case may be) and will never stop tragedy or heartbreak. Their struggles will be tangible and real moving forward.

With the ending of a weekend, while I did not write for my blog, I did get some work in on my current project. Probably about 3000 words or so, and given all the work around the house that needed done and the trip to downtown Portland for several hours today, I am happy with the progress.

I introduced some new characters in a current chapter titled 'The Days of Confusion' which takes place in the halfway house where amnesiac Cuddyback (there known only as Jeff Smith) struggles with the realities of being placed in a home with truly troubled addicts while he has no real struggles with addiction; but without a history, this is the only place that really works for him to get an established history and identity. Here is one small snippet from today that I really liked:

These halfway house meetings are a bit of a false security using a more pleasant surrounding than those little church basement meetings where people gather to share their lack of intimate details coming back day after day, week after week, to confess all the sins of their addictions without ever confessing much more than the acts themselves which, while often times outrageous, still yet provide no insight into the soul of the man or woman.

I was using this to point out that the meetings addicts go to provide little in terms of true substance; just a place where folks can unburden themselves without fear, but the point is, that the meetings actually do not dig to the more important deeper issues. People do not become addicts of any kind on accident - there are deeper issues that never get resolved in AA meetings. I later look at that as the reason that there is a halfway house where a psychologist can work with the individuals to deal with the reasons for their issues.

I particularly liked this descriptive two sentence portion:

Where the fall from Grace lands is of little significance without the story behind the Fall itself. That’s like watching a plane crash and wondering not why it fell, but only concerning ourselves with where it landed.


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