Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015
Today, the idea for the next chapter hit; it was time to get deeper into the physics of the fiction I am writing. I dread referring to the work as science fiction, because it is not really genre writing and today I did my best to distance myself from the realm of Star Trek and other such frivolity.

Now, being fair, Star Trek has its place as does just about every genre of writing; and mine is 'literary fiction.' I am not down on the genre, but I do not feel I am suited to write in that genre specifically, but this story requires an element of science fiction, so I felt it critical to dig into the science and discuss it... and when discussing quantum physics and decoherence, well, there is only so much I can do to bring it to even my own level. But, I took some pride in my ability to take the subject and make it integral to the story by making it about people at the same time.

I write 3800 words today. Some of it was really difficult scientific concepts, but I am happier about the non-science aspects of the writing. I often write details of a scene but do so somewhat superficially because in my writing all of the surroundings are frequently not relevant. The relevance is in the thoughts, the topics. I try to write deep stuff, I focus a lot on philosophical concepts; mans struggles with his own existence. But, having read many, many quality pieces of fiction, the devil is always in the detail. Setting a scene up so that you feel as if you are there, listening to the dialogue. Today, that day arrived. While I am not a pro at these in-depth descriptions, I am taking a bit of pride in the expansion of my writing style.

Here is an example of what I wrote today.

‘And what do you intend to do with this knowledge? If you are unable to make the leap to create the ability to travel between these parallel universes, what is the point of continuing your research?’ Zerr stretched, craning his neck again to see if Sally was back at the table bending over yet again. He was sure she did this specifically for him and she was simply playing cat and mouse with him. He was positive that someday, probably soon, she would acquiesce to his obvious desire for her and they would fall madly in love. She with her strawberry hair, brown eyes and those long legs. There was ecstasy at the end of the trip he imagined. In another time and place, Zerr might have been the exact man someone like Sally would find irresistibly attractive. Taller than average at a tad over six-feet tall and built solid like a professional soccer player, his dark hair and dark framed glasses showed off his strong jaw and rugged handsomeness which was enough to make most of the female scientists swoon like a schoolgirl watching a pop star on stage. Those were not his desire. Sally. She was the one he wanted most, in place of that inevitable (in his mind) liaison, he found himself frequently engaged with the female staff of The Farm to make due while Sally played cat and mouse.

In the past, I would have left it at just the quoted dialogue. Everything that follows is new territory for me and I am very excited to take this step. 


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