Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015
A long time ago, when I was young, yes, there was actually a time when that was an accurate statement, anyway, that long time ago there was a song titled "A Different Corner" and it was somewhat monotone, yet, for some unknown reason, it was a song I liked. It preceded the solo work of George Michael which exploded with the release of "Faith" the multi-platinum late eighties phenomenon.

Today a bit of a different corner with the current WIP as I took a different type of look at another world of this multi-world universe I am exploring in the book. With satire, sometimes you cannot be so hidden with the concepts, but then there are times that there is a little subversive look at tyhe world as we know it through the eyes of a dystopian future, other world, which allows us a microcosm of what is the truth.

One of the concepts of this multiple world concept is that there is a little group of intellectual prodigy's who live in a commune in New Mexico. Earlier int he book, I give a very detailed description of the land, a bit of a look at the group of people who inhabit this scientific community and there is some innuendo at how the place came to be. Still, that is only a bit of guesswork as to what led to its existence, so I turned the corner and wrote about its origins with a congressional committee meeting where the scientist who comes up with the idea references sports camps as the genesis for his idea.

In this world there is a congresswoman who challenges his idea, and he uses the concept of economic prosperity promised to the families of the prodigy children for their willingness to cede custody to the camp all for the betterment of society. As part of the plan, fears are tapped into and pride. And while part of that is a clear reference to the fear-mongering political agendas currently spouted by radio pundits, there is also a little bit of a dig at the money culture; the willingness of parents to send their kids to tennis academies and all other manner of places designed not truly to better the children, but to better their wallets.

As I go along, I will get deeper. But I was inspired as I drove home today to write a bit on this group which has several names. It has an 'official' name that the public knows (ASIG - advancement of specialized education amongst the intellectually gifted), but is really called 'Camp Prodigy.' the ASIG is the public moniker for the program which is done under the auspice of an expansion of a national Talented and Gifted (TAG) program. Outsiders would think that the gifted youth were merely getting extra attention in public schools while the truth is that they are being secreted away to Camp Prodigy. There is, of course, the obligatory negative moniker of 'Master(bation) Camp' referencing the probability that most of those in the camp would be of the socially awkward persuasion and more likely to live a life of self-gratification.

Conceptually, though, this is a different direction which should create much more opportunity. A different corner opens up to a whole new world!


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