Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015
Mondays are typically very restricted in my capacity to complete much writing on personal works (which made a release date of Tuesday for my last book all the more insane) as Monday is pretty jam-packed with work outside of writing novels. The day job on most Mondays is completely full, no time to think about my books, let alone write anything, as there are tons of reports due Monday which rely on weekend information. That is the hectic nature of a twenty-four/seven trucking operation.

After work, I drive forty minutes from Swan Island North of downtown Portland all the way to Wilsonville to lift weights. Why? I have been lifting at this same gym for EIGHTEEN years. I like the gym, it is like a second home. I have a private permanent locker with all my stuff, the equipment has been there for a long time and I am well known there. It feels comfortable. This is the same gym I lifted at when my two boys, now almost 26 and 23, were in grade school. I started lifting at that gym when my youngest was in kindergarten. All throughout their youth, this was my place of solitude. Some people have church, or a garden, or a spot at the coast, I have the gym.

For most of this time, I lived within ten minutes of the gym - it was on my way home until late summer of 2013 when I moved to Beaverton. So that used to make at least some sense to lift there, but the move made this way out of the way, the trip home is another 45 minutes, usually getting me home no earlier than 6:15. that is followed by quick dinner and an article for Duck Sports Authority. I love writing for them and that is my deal; twice a week, I have an article to write. This gets me done at about 8:00, then it is time to shower and get at least settled in whcih leaves me very little time to really read and write that night.

Tuesdays, on the other hand, are maybe the best night of the week. no lifting, no extensive reports at work. Take today, for example, I got home at a little after 5:00... and took a nap! Like, a LONG nap! And still I have had time to get 2000 words written and now am ready to get some reading in with a nice glass of wine to relax.

A tale of two weekdays. This is the kind of life that, if not for my narcissistic need to stay the powerlifter fool that I have become interferes with the loner (yet still somewhat narcissistic) writer that is the other part of my personality. People who have read my work might recognize the concept of duality. that is a reflection of me and it will be evident just as much in this current WIP as it always is. I think it is important to understand the soul of your writing and that is my soul; duality.


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