Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10, 2016
Hardly a king and hardly idle a weekend comes and goes far too quickly for this aging man. I fear not what the weekend did not bring, rather rejoicing in that which was accomplished, not least of which was satisfaction, revelation and joy in moments that were brief in time and forever in memory.

For it is memory which is all we take with us and that too will fade with the light from our eyes, but will never truly dissipate from existence. It is this hope which carries me forward to yet another week of labor which always bears its fruit whether deserved or not.

Luck is hardly the term to describe the joy of the day - but yet it is luck of which we all speak to fulfillment. For it is luck not in the colloquial meaning, instead the more spiritual meaning. Fortune smiles upon those who recognize the good fortune of air, sunshine, rain, breath in the lungs. Rejoicing not in that which evaporates, not in that which fades, but in that which can never be taken away.

With sudden and rapid force tomorrow may be ripped from our hearts and minds, yesterday forgotten. It is the moment in time that we control; now; that is the fruits of our labor albeit a labor of mind and not body. Today, now. The moments that matter can only be lived, not planned. That is the gift given to the not so idle king - a title we all possess should it be sought.


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