Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 27, 2017
For those that have been around a while, this will look different. It has been a somewhat tumultuous year and that is all good.

Yesterday, I was working on an article for Duck Sports Authority; a feature article like I have not done in quite some time, and I ran across an article from another site. Suddenly it struck me that I have been too focused on the wrong things. So, here I am, changing directions once again with what kind of content I push through my personal blogs.

Being a writer makes me somewhat of a strange cat; we feel compelled to share our thoughts as if they matter, and sometimes they can matter. My thought is simple, it is easy to tell readers about stars and stats. It is easy to tell readers about how a game went. Sure I put my own unique spin on my writing, but I want to take that a different direction. I am still going to write about recruiting.

At DSA, that will be premium stuff. The premium content will remain premium. I will link to it and then people can choose whether or not to pay for the content (I hope they do). But this is my space to talk about a bigger scope of recruiting - and to even talk non-Oregon football.

The landscape of sports media is changing and I have decided to change with it.

Please bear with me through some of those changes as I also redesign my blog to fit a changing market and culture.

Will post more later.


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