Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30, 2017

For every game, I write up a game recap using my own particular stylistic flair (meaning I use a different type of prose for introduction, etc.). I also do what we call 'Fifth Quarter.' The game recap is always free content, the Fifth Quarter is premium content for our members of Duck Sports Authority.

I plan on linking that here, with some more generic thoughts, so here is what I saw from the press box yesterday.

Here were my thoughts from the press box as the game unfolded.

Essentially, I think the offense is going to be very good this year. They will be very versatile with some great plays in the run game and a very good QB; a full complement of returning offensive linemen which will have better depth with the return of Crosby (and later addition of Moore).

The running backs? gonna be fine. I think I see five wide receivers who can make plays: Carrington, Nelson, Mitchell, Lovette and McNeal - and more will show up in the fall. WR is gonna be deep

Tight end? Ryan Bay looked like the second best tight end of the group, so this team is going to have to hope Breeland and Bay stay healthy because they are perilously thin at TE.

Defense is another story. I think the DB group is a LOT better and I think that could help overall a lot. I am going to have to reserve judgment until I see them play someone other than themselves, and in something other than a split squad format. The defense will be better, but the LB position still looks like a big ol' work-in-progress.

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Fifth Quarter: 2017 Spring Game


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