Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11, 2011

As we build up towards the Rose Bowl I will do at least three position breakdowns each week culminating with the overall offense and defense with score predictions.

This has been a very interesting year for the football team for a multitude of reasons. Even though most were expecting 2011 to be a bit of a rebuilding year, the Ducks were not far off of a Championship Game return. Incredible, really, if you think about it deeper. If the Ducks 2011 schedule had not included the #1 team in the nation, then it comes down to how the team plays against USC. I like their chances undefeated with USC at home.

Of course, any team can play the woulda, coulda, shoulda game and come up with plausible scenarios for how their team could have had a better season, so I won't think back with too much regret. As I look back, the most important game the Ducks played was Stanford; and the Ducks won. Why was it the most important? Because without that win, the Ducks are not in the Conference Title game and have to HOPE that a BCS bid comes their way. I would prefer to see the team earn it with a victory.

Looking back, with everything that has happened this season, I think all Duck fans should be very happy with where we are at.

*-First game loss

*-Michael Clay injured early in season and missed time

*-Cliff Harris, though he played in six games, never really saw extensive playing time

*-LaMichael James dislocates an elbow, misses two games and plays only about one half of a third

*- Darron Thomas injures both knees and misses a game

*-Lose two senior wide receivers from 2010

*-Lose three offensive line starters from 2010

*-Lose two linebackers from 2010 who are currently playing in the NFL

*-Kenjon Barner misses time with an ankle injury

All of these and others could have caused many a team to fold; not the Ducks. The Ducks simply filled the holes and went out to win the day. For that, fans are now rewarded with a trip to Pasadena. I will be going and will bring some tailgate pictures and memories back with me to share.


Looking at what Devoe Joseph did in his first game as a Duck, is there a reason that maybe Jabari Brown and Bruce Barron saw something that would limit their time this season?

I have no clue, neither have really given any indication as to why they left, but it seems that maybe Brown thought of himself as a one year player and the presence of a senior like Joseph was going to limit his playing time over the course of the season?

All I know is that Joseph played a heckuva game for the Ducks yesterday and Duck fans should be glad to have him for the one season he is in Eugene.

It seems short-sighted to transfer so early into a freshman season, but Brown and Barron have their reasons. I live by the motto "once a Duck ALWAYS a Duck" and I wish them well in their future and hope they have much success.


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