Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 15, 2011
It's been a few days since the last entry. Giving everyone time to absorb all that happens without building up too early to the game.

So the big news of course, was Aaron Fentress' reports about LaMichael James declaring that he was forgoing his senior season to enter the NFL draft. I am not sure who the source is, but this is still likely a decision that has not been completely made. I think it is likely that James is leaning towards that conclusion, but he also really loves college and college football. I think he knows that the team has a legitimate shot at another National Championship run next year when the defense will be a lot better and the offense will have another year together.

I have heard that he is also considering coming back to get his masters degree. Will he come back? OInly LaMichael knows at this point. However, this team is preparing for a Rose Bowl. At this point, it is best to let James make an announcement when he is ready to do so and not a minute sooner. he has earned the right to have this process respected.

Any reporter can get a scoop. And, that is their job. It's just too bad that their job is so often a conflict of interest with the team that they cover. in this case, at this point in time, it is in the best interests of the team to respect LaMichael James' wishes and leave the subject alone until he is ready to make an announcement.

James is only 600 yards away from the all-time Pac-10/12 rushing record and about 1300 yards away from the NCAA record. The Ducks are set up for a great run next season. James is one of the best ever in the Pac-10 conference. Whatever LaMichael chooses, I wish him the most success and health possible.


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