Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012
In our continuing series taking an in-depth look at the recruiting of each position, we once again return to the defensive side of the ball. Today we will look at the defensive end position.

In our first look piece on this position in February, we projected not much need at the position and the possible likelihood that there would be very few, if any, players taken at this position. After all, the Ducks signed five defensive end players in 2012 and two in 2011 while losing only Terrell Turner after 2011 and Dion Jordan after 2012. Looking at the Duck offer list, though, it is clear that the Duck coaches do have some players in mind that they would take at both strong-side and weak-side defensive end.

The difference is that the Duck coaches may be looking at weak-side defensive end players to fill the hybrid role currently being played exceptionally well by Dion Jordan. While the Ducks have plenty of defensive ends on the team, not many will be able to fill the void left by Jordan. Let's look at the players the Ducks have offered at the positions.

Eddie Vanderdoes

Status: Offered, Medium Interest

Overview: Vanderdoes is ranked as the 3rd best strong-side defensive end in the nation and the 21st overall player. Of the 4 offers to defensive ends, Vanderdoes is the only one listed in the database as a strong-side defensive end.

Strengths: The first thing that stands out about Vanderdoes is his size. At 6-4 and 285 pounds, Eddie already has the kind of size needed to play the strong side. In fact, with his size, strength and versatility, there are already schools telling Vanderdoes that they envision him in a hybrid role at defensive end and defensive tackle. He has the ability to play both at the next level. He has very strong hips and explodes through blockers. He is not a "one trick pony" as he displays several different rushing techniques all of which he is very effective at performing.

Weaknesses: There are usually not a lot of weaknesses with a top 25 player in the nation and that is true of Vanderdoes. On film, the only weakness visible is that Vanderdoes occasionally does not get into a very good position when he plays with his hand on the ground. He will have his hips in bad position and stand straight up.

DSA Odds: Very good

Vanderdoes has long considered Oregon one of his top three schools and has had very good comments about coach Azzinarro and the Oregon program. AS many of our readers know, Vanderdoes is friends with Arik Armstead which is a very favorable factor in his recruitment. A long time fan of the Oregon program, the odds that Vanderdoes chooses the Ducks, at this point, appear to be in the...

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