Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012
In May, Duck Sports Authority has been taking an in-depth look at recruiting for the 2013 signing class. Flip-flopping back and forth between offense and defense, we are closing in on the final positions and the Duck targets at each position. Today, we move back to offense to take a look at the wide receiver position. The Ducks roster is loaded with several very talented wide receivers, but are still looking for some of that talent to equal production.

Our first look series shows that only one scholarship player, Rashaan Vaughn is set to graduate after the 2012 season. There are two more, however, scheduled to graduate after 2013. That leaves the Ducks likely looking to add at least one to two receivers in this next class.

So, with that in mind, let's look at the players the Ducks have currently offered individually.

Robert Foster

Status: Offered, Medium Interest

Overview: Foster is rated as the 4th best wide receiver in the nation and 26th best player overall in early rankings. He has all the tools of the prototypical wide receiver; he is tall, has good hands, great vision and great speed.

Strengths: When watching film of Foster, unlike many high school star receivers, Foster plays defense. As a defender, he is very physical and not afraid to make a play. That physical attitude will serve him well at the wide receiver position as he makes plays over the middle. He is also an exceptional punt and kick-off returner. He shows great vision, elusiveness and flat speed. Foster has strong hands and uses them to his advantage when going after the ball.

Weaknesses: With a player of this caliber, there are not a lot of weaknesses to explore. With Foster, the main weakness noticeable on tape is that he lets the ball come to him rather than going to the ball. At the next level that can be the difference between a reception and first down or a turnover.

DSA Odds: Very...

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