Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14, 2017
Okay, so I was gone for the day yesterday, had to run down to Eugene and check on my dad - he took a really bad spill last week, broke some ribs, bruised his kidney; I just needed to make sure he was okay. Ran some errands for him and checked on his welfare. All things considered, he was in pretty good spirits.

This week at Duck Sports Authority we are going to take a look at wide receivers and the 2018 recruiting cycle. Tomorrow I looked at a couple of options not listed in our 'Top trio' just to get a feel for some of the other options.

One thing I ran across - about two weeks ago, rumors swirled that Jaylen Waddle, a four-star receiver from Texas had committed. While I still think that actually happened, he backed off of it very quickly - hence the reason it never became public knowledge. Essentially, everything I have heard from just about every insider feels that Waddle will end up at Florida State.

Now, he is a slot sized receiver, but is definitely higher on the coaches board than some others. I have heard that the coaches are really only looking for one slot receiver this cycle after taking several last cycle. Tomorrow in my DSA article, I take a look at a few others, make sure to check it out when you get a chance.

Thirsty Thursday revisited

On Thursday, I mentioned it being Thirsty Thursday. Well, I actually do not drink beer on Thursday's; only on Saturday's. That was a big part of my lifestyle change two years ago. However, I will use Thursday as my day to plan my 'Saturday Beer of Choice'

This week, I made that Saturday beer of choice the Hop Valley Dobledelic IPA. Now, I love Hop Valley, especially Alpha Centauri; but I had not yet tried this beer. While it was not quite the 5* I had the night before the Spring Game (Palatte Wrecker), it was a very, very good Imperial IPA. I have a picture of it below. Love the color, the aroma was awesome, and, well, the taste was exceptional.

 For what it is worth, I did have a glass of Johnnie Walker blue with my son on Thursday night!


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