Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012
Today we finish up our series looking, position-by-position, at the possibilities for the 2013 recruiting class. All month, Duck Sports Authority took a look at every offer the Ducks had made to each athlete; their strengths, weaknesses and the odds that they would choose the Ducks. Some of those odds were very good (and semi prophetic with the recent commit of Dontre Wilson) and some were offers Duck coaches made and the prospect has already committed to another team and have virtually no chance of changing their minds.

While we strive to bring you the best coverage of Oregon recruiting, we wanted to look at each athlete Oregon has offered regardless of their status. There are some positions that have little need and some that have great need.

Today, we turn our attention back to the offense and to a position that it appears the coaches do not see a need to sign more than one player; quarterback. In fact, the Duck coaches currently have offered just one prospect. If you recall the first look series for the 2013 recruiting class, you will remember that the projection for this position in 2013 is just one player. It is possible, however, that with three freshmen and a sophomore on the roster, Duck coaches will not see a pressing need to sign a quarterback in 2013, thereby offering only truly elite prospects that fit coach Kelly's preferred style.

Cody Thomas

Status: Offered, Committed to Oklahoma

Overview: Thomas is ranked as the 9th best pro-style quarterback and 178th overall prospect for the class of 2013. The Colleyville, TX native, though, recently committed to Oklahoma. Thomas fits the stereotypical pro-style quarterback mold standing 6-5 and weighing in at 220 pounds as a high school junior.

Strengths: Thomas is a player whose height might suggest a longer throwing motion and inability to move in the pocket. To the contrary, Thomas has a motion much more compact than you would think possible. While he is not going to remind anyone of Terelle Pryor or Cam Newton with his running ability, he has good feet that give him the mobility to escape pressure and either get rid of the ball or pick up positive yardage. He will not be a guy that "takes it to the house" like Mariota in Oregon's Spring game, he will be able to use his feet effectively.

Weaknesses: Thomas plays in a spread at the high school level, but it is one of the passing variety spread teams, not a run oriented spread. While his footwork is acceptable in the pocket and scrambling from a passing perspective, he may struggle to pick up the footwork of the zone read "mesh" plays the Duck offense has become known for over the past several years.

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